Urla Cooking Class

Urla Cooking Class is a center of Urla food knowledge and culture.
We seek to share with those who venture here the most hidden and complex values of Urla’s food and agriculture. Our continued research on and exchange of knowledge with local communities guarantee an immersive and participative experience for all of our visitors.

Urla Cooking Class is stuated inside the Hiç Olive Forest Production Facility in Bademler Village and it offers a complete educational environment that enables you to witness the journey of agricultural input into a product.

In the Urla’s Food Heritage Workshops, we cook the recipes of the Traditional Urla Cuisine with a seasonal menu selection under the leadership of chefs and Local Moderator Chefs, and taste them together.   

Ancient recipes,techniques and local ingredients that are no longer used are brought to life in this workshop, modernized and presented with a new interpretation. Aiming to bring the traditional and the modern together and to keep the Urla Cuisine alive and transfer to the future; Workshops full of sharing based on interaction and experience are waiting for you. For our Harvesting Tours and Workshops follow us on


Hiç Zeytin Ormanı İşliği Bademler Mah.
15019 sok. 32/1 PK: 35430 Urla, İzmir/ Turkey
İrtibat: 0 (505) 316 13 55
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