Hiç Olive Forest

The Original Pioneer of Olive Oil Production; Urla, Turkey

A quaint town on a small peninsula in the Izmir Province, Urla has a history of olive oil production that is as old as civilization itself.

Urla is a peninsula in the center of the Aegean Sea where the sea and the soil are intertwined. Urla is comprised of history, traditions, natural richness and cultural heritage that is very well represented in its cuisine. Urla has been home to different cultures over the centuries and each one has contributed to unique food specialties.

The ancient Ionian city, Klazomenai – which is known today as Urla, produced olive oil for the first time in the 6th century BC with modern methods. From Urla, olive oil and wine were transported by boat throughout the entire Mediterranean Basin.

The Urla Peninsula: A Rich History

Klazomenai: Urla, as we know it today; is one of the 12 cities of the Ionian Civilization.Home of Anaxagoras, teacher of one of the most prominent figures of the history of thought, the founder of Ethics -Socrates. Home of the Nobel poet Giorgos Seferis. Where Neyzen Tevfik has decided to learn to 'breathe into' the ney. where Necati Cumalı has created his best pieces of literature, Evliya Çelebi has praised the 'date olive' (Hurma - olea europea), where the ancients and poets have found inspiration... Urla, with its monumental olive trees, bearing witness to history and an unfathomable knowledge in olive cultivation. There is a lot to say about Urla when it comes to olives and olive oil.

Olive Oil in Urla Since 600BC!

In Limantepe excavations, small handy-mortars used to crush olives from 3000-2000 BC grinding stones ceramic pots used to separate olive oil from the 'black water' and olive oil stores from later periods have been found as the precursors of the adventure of olive in Urla. The olive oil workshop in Klazomenai is a priceless asset which dates back to 6th century BC and the impact of which still lingers as this was the Silicon Valley for many technological advancements of the time where many a first took place. As Hiç we are proud and feels the responsibility of claiming ownership of such a legacy inherited from the land itself, where olives were transformed into olive oil for the first time in the world.

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