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Hiç [hich] Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a pure fruit-juice. It all boils down to nurturing and processing it; allowing it at the same time to preserve all the aromas and the nutrients that olive has to offer. That is as simple as that; and none of the confusing names and adjectives are necessary. Olive oil, in its spirit, is so pure and natural a source.

And should you come across any that is flamboyant and offered to us in the company of praises... just doubt it! 

Zeytinyağının kalitesi yapılan tüm zirai uygulamaların kontrollü ve %100 doğal olmasını gerektirir. Bu nedenle her yıl hasadımızı, sadece kendi zeytinliğimizde dört mevsimi beraber yaşadığımız ağaçlarımızın büyümelerini izleyerek, doğanın ritmine ve sürprizlerine saygı duyarak elde ediyoruz.

A quality olive oil requires that all farming practices are controlled and 100% natural. That is why our harvest each year, is the final stage of the four seasons that we live together with the trees of our garden, watch them grow ad respect the rhythm and the surprises of nature. Our limited production will increase in the years to come but it will always be limited.


Award Winner Designed Handmade Bottles We are passionate about our job. It's all or nothing!

It is for the very same reason that the Hiç Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Series are offered to you in bottles that we have designed, each handmade one by one. We just want to continue the same care that we put in the processing of our olives in its presentation so as to offer a chance to multiply the enjoyment of the palate with some aesthetic touch. And how we protect our olive oil all through its existence reflects also in our designs. Inside the dark and thick glass bottle your Hiç will stay ever-fresh and bring you a breath of Urla each time you open it.

Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded in Olive Oil Packaging and Visual Design Contest held in Milan in 2020.

Our Awards

- You are right olive oil is a tricky and a complicated subject. Everybody employs loads of adjectives to describe the oil as well as to cover up its defects. Yet, there is no need for that! We can relieve ourselves of this stress just by correcting a couple of mistakes that we believe to be true. 

Here are some hints for you:

1# 'Extra Virgin' is quality vocab. It guarantees that the acidity of the oil is lower than 0,8 and the aroma and smell perfect. Riviera (Pomace Oil) on the other hand (and do not get fooled by such a pompous name!) is the bottom of cooking quality. It has no nutritional value. For this reason, the best way to consume olive oil is to use a fragment of extra virgin while cooking and to enrich it with Early Harvest Extra Virgin as you serve. Thus, you will get both the exquisite taste and the healing properties. 

2# The fact whether olives are processed using 'stone mills' or 'modern methods' has no direct relation to the quality of the olive oil. You can achieve good oil with both methods just like you can end up in disaster.

3# ust do not get scared of any olive oil which has been duly cultivated and harvested duly and at the right time, processed fast at a clean workshop, keeping its contact with air to a minimum and that is stored well. Regardless of the method of processing.

4# Do not let anyone to offer you the 'cold press' as a luxury value. That is a must! Otherwise the Extra Virgin quality is unattainable.

5# If the olive oil leaves a bitter taste on your tongue and some burning feeling in your throat, that is a good sign. Bitterness and that burner feeling are the most critical signs of quality in any olive oil. This is indicative of the oils richness in terms of its nutritional value. 

6# Olive oil's color is by no means a quality criteria. And the view that suggest greener the oil better the quality has no footing. 


7# No Extra Virgin in plastic. Do not keep olive oil in plastic. A special chemical compound in olive oil interacts with dioxin, the carcinogenic element in plastic, allowing the noxious substance seep into the oil. Best pack for olive oil is an air-tight dark glass bottle or the tin can.

 8#  Extra Virgin olive oil does not 'fatten' your food. On the contrary, it helps the blossoming of all the tastes hidden in veggies as well as meat. You do not feel like you are eating grease and it is digestion-friendly. 

9# It gives perfect results in cakes and pastry. You will most definitely feel any 'heavy' tastes. This is a very nice way of testing your olive oil. 

10# And when it comes to raw consumption (by which we mean without cooking, on top of warm platters or in salads) olive oil has a reservoir of tastes and aromas to share with you. Sometimes you taste and smell artichoke, sometimes fresh almonds and fresh grass. Don't you want to solve this fun mystery?

11# Extra Virgin Olive Oil freezes in cold and this has no impacts on its quality. You can store your olive oil at room temperature in an air-and-light-tight vessel for two years. 

12# The best and the most nutritious of all foods and fries of all sorts are made with Extra Virgin. Phenols are at their maximum in extra virgin olive oil. They act as antioxidants, hence the sentinels of our health. Those phenols disappear in olive oils that are made by mixing various chemicals at diverse temperatures. The flash point of olive oil is so high, if you are into fries, thanks to the antioxidants and the oleic acid in it. It is these phenols that provide us with protection against the free radicals and toxins that emerge during frying. 

13# Natürel Sızma Zeytinyağındaki kolesterol oranı, diğer bitkisel yağlar ile eşittir. Ayçiçek veya mısır yağı daha hafiftir anlayışı, tamamiyle yanlıştır. 

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